Biophysics of Microwave Auditory Effect

The microwave hearing effect (caused by pulse-modulated microwaves as in your mobile phone) is by now trivial. It is completely explained within a theory of thermoelasticity. This is probably the only one of multiple other effects of weak electromagnetic fields on living organisms, which is completely explained. For example, a lot of controversies still exists on how birds and other animals navigate in the magnetic field of  Earth. Different classical and quantum mechanisms were suggested. Quite on the contrary, the mystery of microwave hearing is completely explained. No controversy whichever exists, experiment and theory agree reasonably well. Thresholds are that small, and resonances (with respect to pulse duration) exist that Russians (experiments by Tyazhelov et al.) earlier thought that the effect might be quantum, which is wrong. By modulating the pulse duration one can realize an amplitude modulation of the lowest acoustic frequency of an acoustic resonator made e.g. of a plastic sphere filled with water (that heavily absorbs microwaves as in your microwave oven when you heat up a glass of milk), or your head filled with a grey matter having a high water content as most biological tissues do. This main acoustic resonance frequency is about 8-10 kHz in your head depending on its size and other factors. Exciting  this acoustic frequency might cause tinnitus (annoying high-frequency noise some people can hear permanently) though many other explanations for the origin of tinnitus were suggested.  Amplitude modulation of acoustic pressure is done by modulation of the pulse width and repetition frequency. Read a nice review




by James C. Lin and Zhangwei Wang in Health Physics: June 2007 – Volume 92 – Issue 6 – pp 621-628 doi: 10.1097/01.HP.0000250644.84530.e2


My only critical remark is that the acoustic threshold of human  hearing (at eardrum ) is 20 micropascals, not 20 millipascals, i.e. 1000 times lower than stated in the above review, where the authors mean the threshold of hearing via a bone conductance mechanism, see on: human hearing threshold.

Indeed, the threshold of bone conductance hearing for humans is about 2 millipascals at cochlea (40 dB rather than 60 dB). This threshold is relevant for the deaf people. However, for normally hearing people we should care more about the sound pressure at the eardrum, rather than cochlea. This is why, in fact,  SAR intensity of your mobile phone suffices to produce the effect, see Fig. 2 in the following paper: Generalized model of the microwave auditory effect


The effect survives also in a more realistic model of head: FDTD Analysis of Microwave Hearing Effect



and for a whole male body model:



How to avoid profound distortion and transmit clear voices? This is explained in the following US patent Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect


Historical notes: 

1) Microwave auditory effect observed first by military during WWII has first been scientifically investigated

by Allan H. Frey in Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy 

2) Correct explanation has first been suggested by K. R. Foster and E. D. Finch in Microwave hearing: evidence for thermoacoustic auditory stimulation by pulsed microwaves, Science, vol. 185, pp. 256-258 (1974). See also a more recent review by K. R. Foster and R. Glaser (Professor of Biophysics at Humboldt University, Berlin, and author of a nice biophysics textbook) in THERMAL MECHANISMS OF INTERACTION OF RADIOFREQUENCY ENERGY WITH BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS WITH RELEVANCE TO EXPOSURE GUIDELINES

Public denial of this effect in spite of a clear scientific evidence lays ground to suspicions that namely it is used in nonlethal weaponry (e.g. V2K) for mind control. I am not so certain. V2K is only a tip of an iceberg whose base remains  in a complete darkness of military research. To deny microwave auditory effect is even somehow stupid. Just check, for example, who is Prof. James Lin. Why then  it is denied? The answer might be that stupid, however, politically correct people dominate now everywhere including universities (my personal experience). The denial is clearly politically organized. Anyway, there are numerous victims of this (V2K) or  another (classified) type of nonlethal weapon. Victims are known as TIs or targeted individuals. They are tortured every minute 24 hours/day years long. TIs are used either as involuntary test persons (the same kind of crime which the Nazis medical doctors such as Mengele, Heim, and  others committed at German concentration camps during WWII) or are targeted as dissidents whom those inhuman creatures consider to be potentially  dangerous for their unlimited and illegal absolutely corrupted power. Even notorious Nazi sadists like Mengele and Heim (there were about 350 of them) look almost humanists by comparison with these modern sadists because they would kill their victims after days of torturing and not years. Countries where such sadistic crimes against humanity become common and are not publicly  investigated have no right to name themselves democratic, as they are not. Nice words cannot cover dirty and ugly  deeds. TIs can count on me as an expert in any court. Hearing voices without a visible reason cannot be considered anymore as a symptom of schizophrenia since they can be produced by a V2K device or another classified weapon. I know only the tip of the iceberg. However, from this perspective one can judge on what is hidden. Tyranny remains tyranny even being named super-mega-giga-democracy in its last and the most developed stage (I survived one). The tyranny of secret anonymous sadistic rulers based on targeting the psyche of a population using new kind of weapon used for a mind raping is the worst which can happen in human history. Mankind does not deserve this fate. Uncontrolled use of nonlethal weaponry for mind control means that some anonymous drs. mengeles and heims are de facto ruling, and democratic elections mean simply nothing, a show for stupid, a fake. They simply cannot change the de facto power of anonymous sadists, and a change of decorations will soon or later happen inevitably. If you think that it was used to attack your neighbor because he or she badly behaved, you are wrong. The primary original purpose of Nazis concentration camps was to correct a bad behavior, and not to kill. And we know the history. You are doing a typical mistake of all citizens of totalitarian or totalitarian becoming states, and when you will be attacked by those creatures nobody will help you. The number of TIs grows. This is a signature of approaching phase transition. The new maybe collective Hitler-Stalin is coming, coming inevitably if you will not fight. Never before mankind was so near to its very end, and not because of the nuclear weapon, but because of weapon which those perverted sadists name humanistic. They simply do not possess that thin matter which we humans name soul. They are a different species lacking the organ which can understand and feel. It became rudimentary. This is why they simply cannot grasp that targeting human psyche, the mind with a weapon, a mental rape is even worse than injuring the body. One can cure the body. Much more difficult, however, to cure the raped soul and mind, especially if this is the collective soul of entire population or generation.The point of no return is near, as the new totalitarian revolution occurs gradually in minds. Humanity becomes gradually extinct.

“Ring the bells that still can ring”




“Everybody knows that the Plague is coming.

Everybody knows that it’s moving fast”

Leonard Cohen, 1988, a prophetic song



 It came.