Who invented microwave oven, and not only?

From: S. W. Smith, Electromagnetic effects in humans, in:  Biological Coherence and Response to External Stimuli, edited by H. Fröhlich (Springer, Berlin, 1988), pp. 205-232.

p. 223: “The microwave cooker was invented by Professor H. P. Schwan specifically for the purpose of cooking meals in submerged submarines”.

And not only. Indeed, the microwave oven was invented by  German-American Professor H. P. Schwan. In accordance with information presented here, “the microwave ovens were originally researched and developed by the Nazis for the use by the mobile support operations for the invasion of the Soviet Union”. Moreover, the initial research on the biological effects of microwaves was “conducted by the Germans during the Barbarossa military campaign, at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (1942-1943)”. This information provides a convincing support for the allegations that the Nazis did the first experiments on human subjects using microwaves in the concentration camps. This is a starting point of the microwave weapon development. It is rooted indeed in the Nazi crimes against humanity. It seems obvious that H. P. Schwan was transferred to the USA in 1947 under the Operation Paperclip among other key German scientists, where he became the “founding father of biomedical engineering”.

From: In Memorium: Herman P. Schwan [1915–2005] by Kenneth R. Foster:

Herman P. Schwan was born in Aachen, Germany in 1915. He obtained the German superior school certificate with distinction in Goettingen, 1934. He studied mathematics, physics, and engineering in Goettingen and then biophysics in Frankfurt. He obtained his Ph.D. in biophysics at the University of Frankfurt in 1940 with distinction, his teaching certificate at the University and his professional doctorate (Dr. habil) in the fields of physics and biophysics in 1946. Schwan worked in 1936–37 and again in 1938 with Telefunken on high frequency and microwave measuring techniques. He became a research associate with the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics in Frankfurt in 1937, an assistant professor with the University of Frankfurt and associate director of the Max Planck Institute in 1946. In 1947 he came to the United States, working at the Aeromedical Equipment Laboratory of the U.S. Naval Base in Philadelphia… As a scientist, Schwan is best known for many biophysical studies related to electrical properties of cells and tissues, and on nonthermal mechanisms of interaction of fields with biological systems. He discovered or provided important theoretical insights into phenomena such as the large low-frequency dielectric dispersion that is found in biological material, and electrically induced forces on cells. Schwan was also deeply involved in the issue of possible health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields. His letter to the U.S. Navy in 1953, proposing a safe limit for human exposure to microwave energy of 100 W/m2 (based on thermal analysis) became the basis for exposure standards in the U.S. and elsewhere (elsewhere ??? This is, however,  completely wrong – in the Soviet Union, the safe limits were set at 1 µW/cm2 , or 0.01 W/m2 namely because of the known health effects, i.e. at the 10000 times lower level!!! ). Among his many other committee activities in this field, he chaired the committee that established the first (1965) U.S. exposure limit for radiofrequency energy, for the American National Standards Institute. This standard evolved into the present IEEE C95.1 standard and was widely influential in the development of exposure limits around the world.

As to the safety limits, the averaged power of microwave radiation sufficient to produce the microwave hearing effect at 1310 MHz radiation frequency is as low as 400 µW/cm2 or 4 W/m2 as found already by Allan H. Frey. However, in fact, it can be much lower,  and thresholds also vary from person to person. And who is Kenneth R. Foster, and which relation has he to the microwave hearing? Read here. Yes, this is the scientist who explained first the physical mechanism behind the microwave hearing effect.

And I think that already this fact, i.e. setting the electromagnetic radiation exposure limits at the level then exceeding  25 times (at least) the already known threshold of a very profound biological effect (by the way, also thermal, based on a thermoelastic acoustic effect) is enough to be considered in the International Court of Justice. And no excuse for such kind of wrongdoing done clearly on purpose. I am speaking here about conspired military crimes and crimes against humanity either deeply rooted in or having a direct relation to the Nazis crimes committed in the concentration camps (involuntary experimentation on human subjects). Conspiracy around biological effects of microwave (and terahertz) radiation has a direct relation to military crimes which became common and smell after Nazis. The exposure standards must be reconsidered and set anew also because of many other known biological effects including cancer. For example, the current public exposure limit for the 850 MHz cell phone frequency in the USA is 584 µW/cm2 or 5.84 W/m2, while for the frequency range 1800-1950 MHz it is 10 W/m2. This is still too high, clearly above the microwave hearing threshold. Public exposure limits must be at least ten times lower.


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